I don't tend to blog.
Let's see how quickly that changes!

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First day on neocities (25/12/2020).

Fluke or milestone? 100% understood anime episode without subtitles (18/01/2021; 27/02/2021)

Waiting for fate (10/03/2021)

We all got to die sometime (24/05/2021).

I'm still here! (11/08/2021)

English fluency, the internet and delusions of enlightenment (07/12/2021)

First year on neocities (25/12/2021)

Foot fetishism does not exist (08/04/2022)

Saruman, Denethor and the dangers of the filter bubble (17/05/2022)

To sleep or not to sleep is not a question easily asked (18/12/2022)

Second year on neocities (25/12/2022)

スレナガ does it again! (13/07/2023; 15/09/2023; 04/10/2023)

スレナガ goes... Brunching! (13/08/2023)

Third year on neocities (25/12/2023)

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